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Pet City
Clash Of Pets

Pet City: A Place for Your Tamagotchi Friends

In Pets Town you will enjoy the joy of bonding with your adorable furry friends. Get ready to have a good time in this new section of Clash of Pets as you take part in the tamagotchi-style

Clash Of Pets

Power Ups in Clash of Pets

In Clash of Pets, matching 4 or more tiles in a row will get you a Power Up! This will enhance the gameplay and make the game 10 times better. Take a look at how they work

Clash Of Pets

Clash of pets: PVP mode

In our new match 3 game, you will have the chance to play against others in a free duel. Try to beat your opponent by matching as many tiles as possible in the PVP mode. Let’s take

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