King of The Islands Tournament: Final Call for Island Owners!

Seize your chance to join Dragonary's 'King of The Islands Tournament'! Only two spots remain for island owners. Register before the December 26th deadline and be part of an epic battle for glory and a share of the 2000 USDT prize pool. Don't miss this final call to make your mark in Dragonary history!

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A Wave of Excitement in Dragonary

The King of The Islands tournament in Dragonary has been a thrilling journey of strategy, skill, and excitement. With the majority of slots filled, we’re down to the final two spots for island owners. This is your last chance to be part of a grand adventure with a substantial prize pool at stake!

The Tournament Landscape

So far, the tournament has seen a diverse array of participants, each bringing their unique style to the fore. With the prize pool standing at an impressive 2000 USDT, the competition is more than just a game; it’s a battle for glory and honor in the world of Dragonary.

Roll Call: The Brave Competitors

Here’s a glance at our valiant participants and their designated representatives:

  • FrozenThunder_TNC – FrozenThunder_TNC
  • Chester_UDC – (to be confirmed)
  • Peskator.Xcution – LOGUE_Xcution
  • Drantonio_TNC  -Tonilis
  • Drantonio_TNC  – jonathan_TNC
  • Drantonio_TNC – Roque_TNC
  • Zio05.Xcution – Zio05.Xcution
  • Tito_DDT – ingeniero.NFT_DDT
  • Tito_DDT  –  Robin_DDT
  • Erosennin_UDC  – Erosennin_UDC
  • Erosennin_UDC  – Gio.UDC
  • AlexRayder – AlexRayder
  • ShenLong_TNC:  – ShenLong_TNC
  • ShenLong_TNC  – Nnahug_TNC
  • ShenLong_TNC  – mario289
  • Drakyr.Xcution –  jajaja
  • AntonioEsp_TNC – AntonioEsp_TNC
  • Hydek_TNC  – Hydek_TNC
  • Hydek_TNC  – motorhead_TNC
  • fyre_in_the_hole – Michy
  • nicholas94 –  KINDO_DDT   
  • nicholas94 –  KINDO_DDT   
  • nicholas94 –  KINDO_DDT   
  • nicholas94 (Kryptonian)  –  KINDO_DDT
  • nicholas94 (Kryptonian)  –  KINDO_DDT
  • nicholas94 (Kryptonian)  –  KINDO_DDT
  • ARTaduran – hello world
  • lorna64 – lorna64
  • STL-Gorilla –  STL-Gorilla
  • x (Free Spot)
  • x (Free Spot)

The Final Countdown

Only two spots are left, and the deadline is swiftly approaching – December 26th. If you’re an island owner yet to register, now is the moment! Your strategic decision, whether to compete yourself or delegate your spot, could change the game’s dynamics.

How to Secure Your Spot

To register, visit the Tournament Registration Page. Follow the instructions to fill out the form. If you’re delegating your spot, ensure your representative is informed and ready for battle.

The Anticipation is Palpable

As we await the final two registrations, the air is thick with anticipation. Who will claim these spots? What new strategies will we witness? The excitement is building, and the community is buzzing with predictions and support.

Rallying the Dragonary Community

We invite the Dragonary community to rally around our competitors. Support your favorites, engage with the tournament updates, and prepare for a spectacle of strategic gameplay.

Last Call for Glory

This is it – the final call for the “King of The Islands” tournament. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of Dragonary history. Register now, and let the best islander win!

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