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Cryptocurrency exchanges analysed according API strength, features & security.

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Stablecoin analytics and information. Background information, adoption, liquidity and true performance.

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The most completed analytic site about Bitcoin futures and derivatives.


Market Making

We create a custom strategy to run your MM according to your needs. We do not use third-parties software. We develop.

Listing Manager

Do you want to get listed in any cryptocurrency exchange? We can connect you and guide you to get it done.

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Marketing and PR

If your goal is spread the word about your project, we have the much-needed leverage to make it happen.


We have developed, modified, and verified +190 Smart-Contract and dApps. If you have the idea but not the skills, we will create it for you.

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Security Audits

A key feature to consider before deploying a smart-contract. Security could lead to millions of dollars lost because of a single line of code.

We do it right.

Impartial reporting and truthful information across all metrics is essential for the growth of the blockchain information.

Coinary strives to provide accurate, verifiable and transparent information across a range of metrics, including exchange API capabilities, exchange liquidity, stablecoin adoption and blockchain traction, to provide the industry with a highly-accurate suite of tools.
Providing clear and easy-to-understand data is a must, and something which has been sorely missing from the cryptocurrency space until now.