Outsmart Your Rival

Delight in Fun & Earn Crypto

Construct your
pet city

your rival

delight in fun
and earn crypto

Build your pet city

Master PVP &
Reap Crypto Rewards

Engage in dynamic PVP Mode in Clash of Pets, solve the puzzle, scale up the leagues and claim chests brimming with exciting rewards: Dogecoin, Shiba, Litecoin, Matic and even Bitcoin.

A typical
match 3 game

Not Your Average Match3 Game

Match, Strategize & Triumph

Levels of Fun

Score Grand Prizes

match & win

play infinite levels

win prices


Pamper your Tamagotchi: nourish it, bath it, and uplift its mood. As long as your pet’s cheerful, it’ll dominate the PVP Mode.

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