Clash of Empires: Clash of Pets Stepping Up as Main Sponsor for an Age of Empires 2 Tournament

Exciting collaboration! Clash of Pets is now the main sponsor for Clash of Empires Tournament.

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Nothing draws the gaming community together like a global competition, and the Clash of Empires Tournament is no exception. As a celebration of strategy, wit, and historical intrigue, this event has rapidly evolved into a global sensation. And our Match 3 game, Clash of Pets, has stepped into the spotlight to become the main sponsor of this grand event.

Furthermore, just as Age of Empires II (AoE II) has left a deep imprint on the history of gaming, Clash of Pets has the potential to redefine the landscape of strategic play. Hence, it’s an honour to support a tournament that amplifies the essence of AoE II, blending strategy, civilization-building, and tactical combat on a grand scale.

For enriching discussions, insightful comments, and fan theories about the tournament, dive into the Tournament Forum – a lively platform for all AoE II enthusiasts.

Age of Empires II: A Gaming Classic

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In retrospect, when delving into Age of Empires II, it’s important to recall how this gem from the late ’90s has sustained its shine over the decades. Released in 1999, AoE II brilliantly encapsulated the essence of the Middle Ages. Spanning across the Dark Ages to the Imperial Age, it introduced players to a world rich in history and rife with strategic challenges.

Moreover, its gameplay focused on developing one of thirteen civilizations from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The success of AoE II was further amplified with its expansion, The Conquerors, which introduced new units and civilizations, including the highly-praised Mesoamerican civilizations: the Maya and the Aztec.

AoE II’s enduring legacy is a testament to its thoughtful gameplay, engaging historical themes, and meticulous balance. But it’s not just about building empires; it’s about crafting strategies, managing resources, and outmaneuvering opponents in a battle of wits.

In Fact, drawing millions into its spell with its unique Random Map mode, the game keeps every encounter fresh, making it a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences today. It’s this heritage that the Clash of Empires Tournament celebrates, promising intense competitions and showcasing the strategic depth that Age of Empires offers.

About Clash of Empires Tournament

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Source: Liquipedia

Clash of Empires Tournament, masterfully orchestrated by Be a Champion, is the ultimate arena for the world’s most ATP AoE2 S-Tier Ranking players. With a striking lineup of 160 contenders in the qualifier stage, the A-Tier tournament transcends borders and beckons participants from around the globe.

The main draw is the exclusive use of the Random Map mode, transforming each game into an exhilarating mystery. This unpredictable element not only intensifies the excitement but significantly elevates the stakes, keeping players and spectators on the edge of their seats.

An enticing reward awaits the triumphant; a generous prize pool of $1,000 USD is at stake for the qualifier stage. However, the main event promises an even grander payout. The top 16 players will split an astounding $11,000 USD, indeed making it a high stakes showdown.

PositionPlayersPrize Per PlayerTotal
5th to 8th4$400$1,600
9th to 12th4$250$1,000
13th to 16th4$150$600

And If you’re curious about the rules, guidelines, and the nitty-gritty details of the tournament, the Clash of Empires Handbook is your go-to resource.

The main event brings together the 10 best performers from the qualifier stage. In fact, it is the culmination of intense competition, where only the most deserving players get to showcase their expertise in the same thrilling Random Map mode. It’s an unparalleled gathering of Age of Empires II’s crème de la crème, making it one of the most anticipated events in the gaming world.

Tournament Structure

clash of empires dates and Tournament Structure

A masterfully structured esports showdown comprised of the Qualification Stage, Group Stage, and Final Stage. Each stage presents its unique blend of challenge and strategic opportunity.

Qualification Stage

Moving on, launching the Clash of Empires Tournament, the Qualification Stage runs from July 22 to August 6. A grand total of 160 players enter the stage, vying for ten coveted spots to advance to the Main Event.

This stage is all about endurance and strategy as it’s structured into four rounds of single-elimination brackets, each round becoming more grueling as players progress. Remember, the first three rounds are asynchronous, granting players the flexibility to agree on match timings. It’s time to test your mettle!

Main Event

This is the heart of the Clash of Empires Tournament – the Main Event! It’s a two-tiered challenge designed to sort the true champions from the contenders, encompassing the Group Stage and the Final Stage.

Starting from August 12th, the top ten survivors from the Qualification Stage will join six highly esteemed pre-qualified contenders from the ATP AoE2 S-Tier Rankings, all set to compete in a riveting Group Stage. The competition then ascends to a thrilling climax in the Final Stage, running from August 27th to September 3rd, where our finalists will compete in intense matches leading up to the grand finale. The Main Event is a spectacular showcase of skill, endurance, and strategic mastery that you won’t want to miss. Prepare to witness the pinnacle of esports competition!

Group Stage

This is the first half of the Main Event, the riveting Group Stage, spanning from August 12th to 26th.As mentioned earlier, here is where the top ten players from the qualification stage join six pre-qualified contenders based on the ATP AoE2 S-Tier Ranking. So, we now have 16 formidable players, seeded and split into two groups. Of course, all matches here are best of five, raising the bar of competition.

Final Stage

Finally, the excitement peaks with the Final Stage, unfolding from August 27th to September 3rd. Players will have to outsmart and outmaneuver their competitors across quarterfinals, semifinals, a third-place match, and the grand finale. The quarterfinals and third-place matches are best of five, the semifinals ratchet up to best of seven, and the grand finale crowns the tournament with a breathtaking best of nine showdown. Witness the titans clash in the ultimate test of skill and strategy!

Clash of Pets: The Main Sponsor

Clash of Pets is the M;ain Sponsor of the Clash of Empires Tournament. Age of Empires II (2)

As the main sponsor, Clash of Pets will be prominently showcased throughout the tournament. From our vibrant logo, that will be a centerpiece of the live streams, to our captivating transition video after each heart-stopping match, our presence is sure to leave a memorable impact.

This sponsorship is not just about promoting our game, but about integrating it into the broader gaming culture. In fact, we believe that Clash of Pets, with its unique gameplay and engaging characters, has a significant role to play in fostering a community of gamers who appreciate innovation, creativity, and a good dose of fun.

Also, we wanted to sponsor this event because we believe in its potential to electrify the gaming community and establish a deeper connection between players worldwide.

And you can experience the thrill of the game and keep up with the tournament by subscribing to the host’s YouTube Channel, where you can catch every play, every strategy, and every triumphant victory.

The Grandeur of the Clash of Empires Tournament

clash of pets main sponsor of the torunament of age of empires II

The prestigious Clash of Empires Tournament promises to be an event of epic proportions. It attracts the best of the best, offering a platform for skilled players to display their prowess. Additionally, the partnership with Clash of Pets adds a unique twist, bridging the traditional gaming audience with our colorful and engaging universe.

We’re not just providing our support to the Clash of Empires Tournament, but actively participating in shaping an event that brings together passionate gamers from all walks of life. For more details on the tournament structure and schedule, head over to the Clash of Empires page on Liquipedia.

Likewise, for a fully immersive experience, join the Be a Champion Discord server. It’s a hotbed for tournament updates and tactical discussions, making it crucial during the qualification stage.

Lastly, to all gaming enthusiasts and Clash of Pets aficionados, visit our announcement page for exclusive insights into our journey as the main sponsor of the Clash of Empires Tournament.

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