Embark on the Adventure: The King Of The Islands Tournament Begins

The adventure begins in Dragonary's King Of The Islands Tournament! Discover the brackets, strategize for your battles, and join us from January 11th for an epic journey through strategy and skill
King Of The Islands Tournament Brackets

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Unveiling the Tournament’s Excitement

The air is electric with anticipation as Dragonary prepares to launch its most awaited event – the King Of The Islands Tournament. Mark your calendars, as the action begins January 11th. Get ready to witness an epic showdown where strategy and skill collide. Let’s present the King Of The Islands Tournament Brackets!

The King Of The Islands Tournament Brackets Are Out!

The wait is over! The King Of The Islands Tournament Brackets have been released, revealing the matchups that will define this exciting journey. Players, it’s time to strategize and prepare for your first battles. Check out who you’re up against and start planning your path to victory.

Tournament Schedule: Mark Your Calendars

Here’s the complete rundown of the tournament dates:

  • January 11th: Bracket release.
  • January 15th: Tournament kick-off.
  • January 17th: Match review.
  • January 19th: 8th-finals bracket announcement.
  • January 22nd: Match review.
  • January 23rd: Quarter-finals bracket announcement.
  • January 25th: Match review.
  • January 26th: Semi-finals bracket announcement.
  • January 29th: Match review.
  • January 30th: Final bracket announcement.
  • February 1st: Final review and announcement of results.

Remember, the deadline for submitting your battle videos is 15:00 UTC on the review days.

Guidelines for Participation

Timely video submission is crucial for your tournament journey. Make sure to send your battle recordings by 15:00 UTC on the designated review days to avoid any disqualifications. Also, DO NOT FORGET to carefully read the rules of the Tournament. They are crucial to have a great experience with this competition as well as focus only in the skills that will take you to glory.

Discord: Your Go-To for Support and Updates

Our Discord channels are buzzing with activity, providing support and updates throughout the tournament. Join the conversation, share your experiences, and stay connected with the Dragonary community for real-time updates.

The Stage Is Set

The stage is set for an unforgettable tournament experience. Whether you’re a fierce competitor or an enthusiastic spectator, the King Of The Islands Tournament promises to be a thrilling adventure. Let’s dive into the world of Dragonary and witness the battle for supremacy!

Stay Connected

Don’t miss any updates or announcements. Follow Dragonary’s official channels and join our Discord community to stay in the loop. The tournament is just the beginning of an exciting journey in the Dragonary universe.

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