Unveiling the Dragonary King of The Islands Tournament: Rules and Competitors

Get ready for Dragonary's 'King of The Islands' tournament! Discover the official rules and meet the brave competitors. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the battle brackets next week and learn how Discord plays a crucial role in this epic showdown. Prepare for an unparalleled gaming experience!

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A Countdown to the Clash of Titans

The Dragonary community is buzzing with anticipation as we approach the release of the final brackets for the “King of The Islands” tournament next week. With the roster now complete, here are Dragonary King of The Islands Rules and a glimpse of the valiant competitors who have secured their spots:

The Brave Warriors

Here are the champions, each representing a unique blend of strategy and skill:

  1. FrozenThunder_TNC / FrozenThunder_TNC#788684
  2. Lima_UDC / darex845_TNC#21865
  3. Peskator.Xcution / LOGUE_Xcution#1425403
  4. Drantonio_TNC / Drantonio_TNC#81813
  5. Drantonio_TNC / jonathan_TNC#1734
  6. Drantonio_TNC / Roque_TNC#763995
  7. Zio05.Xcution / Zio05.Xcution#832222
  8. Tito_DDT / ingeniero.NFT_DDT#98349
  9. Tito_DDT / Robin_DDT#1026694
  10. FABO_TNC / FABO_TNC#4849
  11. Erosennin_UDC / Erosennin_UDC#59006
  12. Erosennin_UDC / -Gio.UDC#18319
  13. AlexRayder – AlexRayder#32135
  14. ShenLong_TNC / ShenLong_TNC#148162
  15. ShenLong_TNC / Nnahug_TNC#30829
  16. ShenLong_TNC / mario289#429879
  17. Drakyr.Xcution / jajaja#1425393
  18. AntonioEsp_TNC / AntonioEsp_TNC#379655
  19. Hydek_TNC / Hydek_TNC#7202
  20. Hydek_TNC / motorhead_TNC#75986
  21. fyre_in_the_hole / Michy#1425404
  22. nicholas94 / KINDO#1055536
  23. nicholas94 / KINDO#1055536
  24. nicholas94 / KINDO#1055536
  25. nicholas94 / KINDO#1055536
  26. nicholas94 / KINDO#1055536
  27. nicholas94 / KINDO#1055536
  28. ARTaduran – ARTaduran#183946
  29. lorna64 – lorna64#1389259
  30. STL-Gorilla – STL-Gorilla#214448
  31. RaulEstrada_UDC – RaulEstrada_UDC#414557
  32. BlinkLAW_TNC – BlinkLAW_TNC#128640

Dragonary King of The Islands Rules

In the spirit of fairness and excitement, the Dragonary King of The Islands Rules are meticulously crafted:

  1. Team Composition:
    • 1.1 Each dragon team must include a minimum of three different elements.
    • 1.2 A player who does not have the necessary elements to form a team will be disqualified.
    • 1.3 Only one ice dragon is allowed in the team composition. Balance is key to victory.
  2. Tournament Phases: The participant who achieves the following victories will advance to the next round:
    • 16th-finals: Best of 3 matches.
    • 8th-finals: Best of 3 matches.
    • Quarter-finals: Best of 5 matches.
    • Semifinals: Best of 7 matches.
    • Finals: Best of 9 matches.
  3. Disconnections: If a player disconnects during a battle, it will be considered a loss for the disconnected player.
  4. Fair Play and Tools: The use of tools that provide any advantage is strictly prohibited. Any irregularity will result in the disqualification of the player from the tournament for one year.
  5. Discord:
    • 5.1 Participants can find the “tournament” category in Dragonary’s Discord. There, they can use the following sections:
      • Brackets: Matchups for different stages of the tournament will be published here.
      • General: This section will be a space for dialogue, where participants can share their user IDs, coordinate their battles, and meet their opponents.
      • Game-Rec: In this section, participants should send their recorded matches, titling them with the usernames of the battle participants.
    • 5.2 Participants who do not see the category in Discord will have time to report it until 8/01/2024.
  6. Captures and Review: Participants must add each other as friends to conduct PvP battles.
    • 6.1 Both players must continuously record the matches and share them in a video of up to 50 MB in the Discord [Game-Rec] channel. From the quarter-finals onwards, more than one video can be sent if necessary.
    • 6.2 The video must be shared by both participants within 24 hours after the match.
    • 6.3 If neither of the participants sends the capture, both players will be disqualified. If only one of the players sends the capture, the participant who does not send the video will not have the possibility to dispute the result.
    • 6.4 Recordings will be reviewed by the team of moderators, who will ensure compliance with the rules and determine who advances to the next round.

The Prize Pool

King of The Islands I brings 2000 USDT in total for the participants. The top contenders of the King of the Islands tournament have these awaiting:

  • :medalla_de_oro: First Place – $500 USDT
  • :medalla_de_plata: Second Place – $250 USDT
  • :medalla_de_bronce: Third Place – $150 USDT
  • :medalla_deportiva: Fourth Place – $100 USDT
  • For the Brave Quarter-finalists (Non-qualifiers): $50 USDT each
  • Recognizing the first 8th (Non-qualifiers) with $40 each
  • 16th-finalists (Non-qualifiers): a $30 USDT Reward so no one goes empty-handed.

Next Week: The Big Reveal

Stay tuned as we unveil the final tournament brackets next week. This will set the stage for the strategic showdowns that await.

Prepare for Glory

Now’s the time for participants to fine-tune their strategies and prepare for intense battles. Remember, adhering to the tournament rules is not just about compliance; it’s about honoring the spirit of fair competition.


The “King of The Islands” tournament isn’t just a game; it’s a testament to skill, strategy, and the indomitable spirit of Dragonary’s warriors. With rules set and players ready, let the best strategist win!

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