Fantasy Racing – Coinary’s Racing Game

In this blog, we’ll go into the mechanics of the game and how, in Coinary, we’re making everything to ensure a breathtaking racing game where competitiveness comes first, but also a rising star in the NFTs gaming sphere.
Fantasy Racing

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An exciting Low Poly 3D racing multiplayer game where you can gather in-game items to interfere with your competition and become the winner by crossing the finish line with the best time. If you want to know about what is Fantasy Racing, its gameplay, and more: this article is for you.

We are developing a racing game that is not only concerned with styling and representing the driving experience, but also with designing a competitive system. The possibilities within the Coinary universe are limitless, players can make friends, compete, have fun and earn tokens!

Thanks to blockchain technology and NFTs, Coinary aims to make play-to-earn models accessible to players around the world. This concept was hailed as a “game changer” and although it is still relatively new to the cryptocurrency realm, it is the beginning of the future of the gaming industry.

About the Game and its Design

Fantasy Racing is a skills-based free-to-play racing game where players take control of their drivers and compete in a three-lap race for the first place. A Low Poly Style Racing Game where players use and collect NFT karts and a Pilot character to challenge other players in an outstanding and ever-expanding fantasy world that we created. But as a free game, you can play it without investing any money. At the moment, Fantasy Racing is in its alpha stage.

Players can use their collectibles to race, compete and earn rewards. Even when there is the same chance to enjoy the game with a free kart, NFT karts will have better stats, and you could improve them over the game.

Such as the feeling of owning something, all within an easy-to-use experience. In the PVE experience, players race against the AI and themselves, trying with each lap to beat their previous time while stepping o the gas pedal. Likewise, in PVP the conditions are the same, but the players are unpredictable. With the possibility to create private rooms and invite whoever they want. As a player finish the race, they will be ranked based on their final position. Your name could be on the Leaderboard!

You can create NFT Karts from the fusion of two rare Dragonary dragons. Our purchasable winged friends at the Hub will be the sacrifice that will bring to life this incredible vehicle. This kart will take you at full speed through the tracks inside the islands. Besides the sacrifice, racers must pay a fee in CYT, the Coinary governance token.

What is the Vision of Fantasy Racing

The combination of both free-to-play and play-to-earn models into a highly competitive racing game, allows the crypto enthusiast to immerse into the web3 revolution while having fun. But also letting everyone else enter the Coinaryverse without having to pay large amounts of money.

Our team at Coinary LTD is here to support players to explore the universe of games inside the company. That’s why we’ve made it our priority to ensure that Fantasy Racing is playable on as many devices as possible. Specially under diverse cellular network environments. The idea is to give players the most imaginative gaming experience, no matter what their device’s specifications are.

Even though, the user interface we are building is extremely friendly. We’re aiming for an environment without spoken barriers, Fantasy racing will be available in three different languages: English, French, and Spanish.

For every player eager to put themselves behind the wheel, we must ensure there’s no lag in the races to come, for both their pleasure and benefit. For this reason, we’ve designated five servers around the world to deliver the best network speed. We are creating a positive and inclusive ecosystem for everyone by following Coinary’s vision.

In the near future, you will be able to access the official website of the game, immerse yourself in every aspect that represents what is fantasy racing, and enjoy everything the game has to offer. Meanwhile, you can start following the game on its social and keep an eye on what’s coming.

NFT and Ownership

Blockchain technology is supposed to make the gaming experience more fun by overcoming technology barriers. With the birth of smart contracts, the gaming industry has been turned upside-down, giving users as well as developers value and profit through ownership. Whereas in the traditional gaming industry, players barely received value for spending their time, while creators made money from non-tradeable items.

This is achieved by owning an NFT, which means that they hold value and can be traded eventually. Everything you can earn and buy-in Fantasy Racing is truly yours to own. It’s quite a unique thing, all without complicated bridges. Players can race against each other, earning rewards that can be used in-game or sell at the marketplace.

Karts, Drivers, and More

Dragonarya is full of magical creatures and some of them escaped to Fantasy Racing! Perhaps it was Elon who woke up the fearsome ice beast Frost that comes to freeze everything. We will have to call our fire dragon to come closer with his warm heart. Do not make him sneeze, that could cause a BLAST!

Consider the kart as the entire vehicle, with its six parts and its driver. The karts will be unlocked as a whole, either by collecting and unlocking a number of pieces in the gacha or fusing two rare dragons. To begin with, the only option available to acquire a Kart NFT will be through the second method. With a Max supply for the first season of 2000 karts per element.

Karts are going to come in two tiers of rarity, with different parts for each variant. The original karts, which are the karts as they were established without customization by the players, will have boosted stats compared to the rest. From now on, every component of the kart will have a progress bar. This is its stats, and they tell you what level the component is. It is based on its rarity and what buffs it has. To build a specific buggy or kart, you need to be at a certain level. The speed, acceleration, and brake can be improved as the game progresses.

At the garage of Fantasy Racing. The stats and levels of karts and the pilots.

Six reckless, maniacal, and grumpy drivers will get behind the wheel. One thing is for sure, they will risk everything to get you to the finish line in the first place. If you’d like, you can go through this blog and meet the rest of the Fantasy Racing Drivers.

The Tracks

Twelve pilots compete in Dragonarya’s most fearsome and beautiful landscape, armed with in-game power-up items to help them cross the finish line first and emerge victorious. Making everyone bite the stardust while taking the victory home is what is fantasy racing all about.

Oil stains or the tread of an angry dragon are some of the obstacles you will have to avoid with those reckless pilots. You will have to jump like never before and fly at full speed towards the mouth of the dragon on the Air Track after drifting your way up. Power-up items found in-game can help players finish the race faster or even slow competitors down. In order to take the lead, you should disrupt the free path that the other pilot had in the first place and quickly pass him.

There are three unique and adventurous tracks for players to choose from the online world of races we are creating. The water track has a soft, wet texture that evokes the wettest sensations. If you are afraid of the sea and can’t stop imagining all the underwater creatures that could live under the deep blue ocean, crossing the bridge will be hard. Take a look at the artwork behind this wet experience.

Latest improvement of fantasy racing water track

We are working on the physics of the game, where you can feel the drift in every sharp turn. Or every bounce of the karts passing through the dock boards on the Water track. Feeling the intense heat while driving on the aridest and earthiest parts of the earth track, it would be effortless to lose control. Regardless, that would not be a big issue compared to the infinite fall that any mistake on the Air track would promise. Select the difficulty and see you on the track.

At the Garage

Welcome to the meeting place of the best mechanics and the best saboteurs of Dragonarya. Here you cannot trust anyone but the Coinary team.

In game, the garage is the workshop. Even though this is not a pit stop, everything is defined here before the race. A place to choose the cars, change the chassis or the lights. Every component that contributes to the overall performance of the kart can be improved. At the garage, you can see which slots you have available, or to create a new configuration. It’s also the place to pick the pilot and give him a unique name that represents you in the competition. Be careful not to leave any bolts loose.

Here the players will be able to choose their NFT or their free karts before the election of the track and from there the skill and luck will determine the result. When playing, if you have someone in your sights, shoot the fireball without hesitation. Power-ups are there for a reason. If you are a pacifist, you will have to learn how to dodge quickly because the rest of the competitors will not be so friendly.

The bar progress of the parts improvement

At the garage is also the section we use to share everything about the development of Fantasy Racing. Being the best way to stay up to date a follow the project.

What can you do to play Fantasy Racing?

For all of you eager to get your hands on the game after watching the video above, you can join the beta phase. But it’s not something that anyone can get by simply asking. Recently, we conducted a challenge to find players who genuinely appreciate the game. Brave players giving their opinion on the game’s mechanic, the colors and who want to get deeper in the creation of the game. Although they are not the ones who develop or work on the game, they are extremely helpful to us thanks to the feedback they give us.

Only the members of the guilds enjoy before anyone else the official releases and the not-so-official ones too! Guilds have exclusive access to the beta version of the games of the Coinary-Verse. Not to mention exclusive events and rewards. They accept players of all kinds, so don’t miss the opportunity and join a guild. Don’t you want to be part of something bigger?

Final Thoughts

Whilst we’re still on the road to fully launching our racing game, we are extremely excited to share the unique wonders of what is Fantasy Racing. A magical framing stylized into every part of the game. It’s what it makes the game so appealing. This is the end of this article. Rather than focusing on just the benefits of blockchain technology, the positive change we can make in the GameFi ecosystem is enough motivation. Start the countdown, let’s burn those tires

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