Why we chose Myria

In this article, we are going to cover the recent partnership we have announced with Myria, the blockchain gaming ecosystem. If you want to know more about Myria, Coinary, and how both companies can complement each other, this blog intends to answer your questions.
Why Myria

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First, let us introduce Myria

Myria is a brand-new blockchain gaming ecosystem, but they are not novice on this field. It was founded by people who have worked for incredible brands such as Ubisoft, Activision, EA, Blizzard, among other companies that you can find in their website. Myria has been built by an all-star team of over 150 people, united with a common vision—to revolutionize gaming with blockchain technology.

Myria is both a gaming studio and a Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution for games developers to build upon. The advantage of building on Myria is the ability to build and mint NFT collections at scale, with fast transactions speeds and zero gas fees—all major plus points for Indie studios, like us, who want to these things, but with the added benefit of Ethereum’s unrivalled security. Myria also offers B2B services to enable third-party studios and developers to onboard onto the Myria chain and helps developers achieve an added marketing boost for their projects.

Similar objectives

If you have read the blog about Coinary’s vision and mission, you will be well-informed about our goals as a company and what are we aiming to. Likewise, If you read Myria’s mission and vision, you will notice that Coinary LTD and Myria share complementary objectives, that will allow both of us to achieve our goals in a simpler way. 

We both believe that blockchain technologies have a bright future, and we aim to encourage more people to adopt them and discover the advantages of Web3 over Web2, with specific reference to gaming. Coinary truly believes that Myria is the strongest partner in the L2 gaming space that will enhance Web3 gamification. The addition of Coinary to Myria’s list of partners will also go some way to helping expand their ecosystem. 

Coinary and Myria want to hand control back to the players and provide open access to users across the globe. This is why we are both behind the concept of “Play-To-Own”, something that will attract people who want to move beyond gaming for entertainment alone and who would like to be part of an ecosystem in which the rewards have real-world value. 

Why Dragonary chose Myria?

As you might already know, we intend to create a simple, fun, and frictionless way to adopt blockchain technologies. One of the reasons, as mentioned, is our shared vision and similar mission. This vision and mission delivers a number of benefits.

Blockchain benefits for gaming

Myria has its own Ethereum L2 blockchain built for gaming. This chain delivers enhanced security to games developers and their communities. With the aggregate of instantaneous transfers using ZK-Rollup technology, powered by Starkware, Myria’s technology can handle up to 9000 transactions per second, some 600x faster than Ethereum’s L1.

Furthermore, in Myria’s blockchain users can mint, trade, and publish unlimited NFTs without paying any gas fees. If you want to know more about how Myria’s blockchain nodes work, you can read this article in their Medium profile.

Moreover, Myria offers true in-game asset ownership with a non-custodial wallet. For seamless gameplay and trading experience, Myria has built its own wallet and marketplace, but users are still able to use other non-custodial wallets such as Metamask. You can learn how to create a wallet to interact with the Myria L2 blockchain in this blog!

Another feature we believe is essential for this partnership is the Myria Marketplace. This has been built to enable traders to buy and sell NFTs quickly and easily. The marketplace will benefit all Dragonary NFTs owners, to trade them, post them or sell them without limits or frictions.

Want to know more about Myria?

You can learn more about Myria’s ecosystem in their Medium profile or in their official website. There, you will find more information about their Team, Mission, Vision, and objectives. Myria also has its own community on Discord.


Coinary is developing a large and strong base of NFT-Games, and we want to expand globally so that more people can get to know about crypto, NFTs, and the incredible benefits of Web3, the future of the internet. We will continue to push and grow our ecosystems with strong partners such as Myria helping us achieve this objective, by providing the tools we need to create, build, and deliver at scale.

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