How to officialize a guild in Dragonary?

The opportunities within the guilds have no limits. The shared experience is always better, that's why at Dragonary we encourage the creation of clans with special events just for them. Find here how to make your own!
Officialize your guild

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Welcome tamers! Get around if you want to receive the ancient knowledge engraved in the ancient runes of Dragonarya and to discover how to officialize your own guild. Read on and pay close attention.

One of the most important things a game should have, is a strong community that supports it, and that is precisely what guilds are. They are, undoubtedly, one of the pillars that sustain Dragonary.

We at Coinary are extremely convinced that it is crucial to help them grow, which will bring great benefits not only to the members but also to the game at the same time. We are so committed that in Dragonary we held an official tournament between the existing guilds with amazing prices for their members. What is more exciting, clans are constantly holding internal battles and events to keep competitiveness and skills well-honed. One of the greatest benefits of being in one is you’ll never get bored.

They’ve earned our trust, not only through their participation in the game, but also through their engagement in the company in general. That’s why we’ve given them exclusive access to the beta phases of our games. This will help us improve every part of the ecosystem we are creating at Coinary.

This means that, if you officialize your own guild and start recruiting members to be part of this shared experience, then you will not only enter the most competitive game based on blockchain, but you will be part of the creation of an entire universe of games.

Why are guilds so important, and why you should officialize your own?

With special guilds only tournaments, exclusive interviews with the developers, and even their own channel on Slack. Clans are deep inside Coinary, sharing their opinions with us. Guilds are the very core of Dragonary. Social gaming is in our veins and with blockchain technology, this only gets better. As you may already know, the guild’s members have so many more benefits than the lonely players do. They test our in-coming games first than anyone! Let’s check some advantages of being in one:

Guild’s Tournament

Not many moons have passed since an incredible event occurred in Dragonarya. Because one of the main features of Dragonary is its competitiveness, we hosted the exclusive guild’s tournament.

We decided that the only way to participate in official Dragonary tournaments is to be a member of a clan. These events have great rewards for them individually and as a whole. So if this is your first time playing, you might consider joining one before creating your own. But if you want to take the next step in the journey of a true Dragon master, you might be considering to officialize your own guild.

Beta testing

Not only are guilds competitive, guilds are part of the internal process of the game. They receive early access to the alpha and beta versions of games in the Coinary universe, as well as earlier information about upcoming releases. That’s definitely one of the best reasons to join one.

Some members are currently enjoying our amazing match 3 game recently renamed as Clash of Pets: Sweety Match. Members are now delighted with the biggest explosions and the most adorable and fluffiest creatures you’ve ever seen!

Members usually give us their feedback on the changes and evolution of the games, and they can discuss, directly with the developers, how the games could be improved. By joining Coinary, you will be a part of the guild as well as the company itself.

Step guide to officialize the guild of your dreams

Although Coinary’s customer service is always available to answer any question, it’s important to have people you can trust to ask for advice about the game and to solve any problems that may come up. And what better way than to formalize your guild with the name that you have always dreamed of taking to the top of everything.

Everyone is encouraged to do so. But before you can become the creator of a clan, you must first fulfill some requirements. Before you can make your guild official, you must meet a Coinary member. He will be waiting for you when you are ready.

The second step is to complete the form below so that you can continue with the process.

Thereafter, the name will go through the pending review process in order to be officially accepted, as you always wished. And then you can give life to the clan of your dreams. You do not need experience for this, but if you have questions, we will be here to help you.

Join a Guild instead of officialize one.

Maybe you don’t feel like it’s time to make your own guild official yet, but you’re still tired of playing alone and expecting to randomly find someone to play against you. You want to challenge your friends now, and you are ready to play the big leagues! Also imagine that the more members a guild has, the bigger its tournaments will be. In order to join one of the guilds, you should contact their recruiters.

On the other hand, you have heard that depending on your activity in the game, you will have the opportunity to access to a special place for selected guild’s members. Perhaps, you’ve seen Fantasy Racing videos and want to get your hands on this second game we’re developing. If you want to join the feedback of around 40 members currently testing it, here’s your chance.

One thing is for sure, if you intend to find some teammates, you need to join a guild. Whether you choose an existing one or create your own. It will help you grow in the game as well as in your knowledge of the game by learning all the details of the strategy. Immediately after joining a guild, you start on your path to becoming a better dragon tamer.

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