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Racers, you should make a quick pit stop and take a look at the following blog because we are about to show you all the progress we have made at the garage with our Pilots and Karts! Part of the developer team is still under the hood checking the engines and wheels, giving the necessary torque to each bolt. Meanwhile, our illustrators are drawing those roads and filling in every detail, so you can compete at full speed in a race where in the end there will be only one winner, are you ready?
At the garage Fantasy Racing

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This time At the Garage in Fantasy Racing we are going to talk about the improvements in our Pilots and Karts. We are always looking to connect even more with our community. To create a game not only based on a unique and original idea, but to build it considering the feedback we receive. To improve based on positive communication with these selected members of the guilds that have the privilege of testing Fantasy Racing® before its official release to the public. Let’s see what we have been working on at the garage with our Pilots and Karts.

With only one goal in mind: that you can enjoy Fantasy Racing with our Pilots and Karts anywhere in the world from almost any Android or iOS device. That’s why we have designated five servers around the world that are assigned automatically by the IP of the player. The idea is that nothing stops you! You will be able to kill time while waiting for the bus or while traveling to work or on your way home.

If you want to know more about this wonderful game, here we leave you the official Fantasy Racing blog.

Fantasy Racing Pilots and Karts 🏎️

Fantasy Racing Pilots and Karts

Blaze is ready. Our kind and easy-to-bother Fire Dragon is here. If you wish to be close to our hot friend will be better for you to also have an extinguisher nearby … just in case. All our drivers have slowly entered the scene; you can know them better on Fantasy Racing official instagram account. They have recently introduced themselves there.

Not only did they strengthen their skills behind the steering wheel with countless hours of practice, but our drivers have undergone some notable changes for them:

Shadows around the drivers

A shadow was added to the karts! Through a mysterious ritual, we could invoke the shadows on the drivers. This feature will considerably improve the user experience on the game, and that’s all we all looking for. With this shadow, all drivers will feel more realistic in order to feel the adrenaline rush into our hands while driving with them.

Names on top of the pilot

At testing, we get into account that a pleasant feature for everybody is to know who is in front or behind you. So, we decided that in multiplayer mode, each driver must know how far their competitors are. Now on top of each pilot will be the name of the competitor! 

Improvement in rotations.

Each VFX in a game is important, and we want that users feel comfortable with them. That’s why we managed to adjust the control and rotation speed, so now at Fantasy Racing the Pilots and Karts, when turning, does it more softly. This will help drivers to do better calculations when rotating and have a better control on the Kart.

Speed decreasing at curves

When taking a curve, friction always have an impact in the speed a kart is going through. For this reason, we added a speed decrease in the curves. Now users won’t crash to the edges of the tracks so easily and this will improve the feeling when taking curves, as well as the control over the kart.

Drift system in Fantasy Racing Pilots and Karts

In every racing game, the drifting is an extremely important feature to consider, and Coinary is doing it. In order to improve the experience when driving as well as the control at doing it we have added some features to it.

One of these actions we made is to increase the KART turn angle at the time of drifting. Also, Something we wanted to achieve was a bit of feeling for that maneuver. Now, with the vibration on your device, finally integrated, as well as some other improvements, you can take the curves smoothly. These changes are only possible thanks to the mechanical equipment within the garage. Using aerodynamics in their favor and with the new rubber technology, they managed to generate more grip at the time of drift! 🤯 

More Pilots, More Karts, More fun

Attention! This is one of the most important features we recently added…

We thought about how to make this game even more competitive, and seizing all the resources we have in-game…So, we came up with the idea of adding not 1 or 2 more drivers to the racers, but 6 more! Yes, as you are reading, 12 drivers will compete for the glory on the podium. 

More players, more fun. You will have the possibility to show how fast you are in a game where twelve pilots will give everything to take the victory after 3 laps. Avoiding those with bad intentions that will try to sabotage you and all kind of obstacles.  

Well, this is the end of this blog about the improvements we have made around our pilots and karts. If you want to know what else we have been improving on all the other elements of the games as the Tracks, Networking, Obstacles and more, stay tuned to this blog.

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