The Poison Dragon and its Origins

The deadliest dragon of all elements found in the wild Lands of Dragonarya. The strongest every tamer has ever seen in the Arena, and the one every true tamer should have in their team if they want to assure their victory.
Poison Dragon

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We present to all the tamers of the community a new element and along with it, a new dragon. Determined to fight the dark forces of Darkwing and his spawns, he joins the defending lines of Dragonarya. We welcome the Poison Dragon.

For those who don’t know, the poison Dragon is a formidable creature, born in a harsh environment. As a result, this Dragon inflicts fear on its enemies and the ones to close to its sharp teeth known there is a certain death awaiting.

Raised in a hostile environment, surrounded by radioactive swamps, where the claws of Darkwing begin to gestate their evil plans. The strongest and most ruthless dragons presented to the community in association with the Binance NFT marketplace. Let’s see where these green and toxic poison dragons come from.

The Poisonous Origins

Image representing the Origins of the poison Dragon

Being able to give something amazing to the community is something that Coinary is able to do thanks to the opportunity to work with Binance. Bringing players closer by using gaming as a way to achieve true ownership, which is a key part of what NFT games are.

This new element was released inside the Mystery boxes. Each of the mystery boxes had a poison NFT dragon, and its rarity depended solely and exclusively on fortune. If fortune was on your side, and you had purchased a ticket, you would have been eligible to participate for one of the 14,000 poison dragons distributed. The odds of finding Rare, Epic, or Legendary Poison Dragons were as follows:

The distribution included 1% of the total amount as Legendary Poison Dragon, with 150 units minted. The Epic Poison Dragon, on the other hand, had 600 minted units and represented 4%. Last but not least, the rare poison dragon stands for the majority of the minted Dragons; of the total 14,900 units! The chance of finding one inside the mystery boxes was 95%.

Binance IGO

IGO + Binance NFT banner

An IGO is purely for gaming and stands for Initial Game Offering, where top-tier gaming projects partner with Binance NFT Marketplace and launch their assets via auction or a Mystery Box as we did.

The Dragonary IGO started on January 20, 2022, at 11:00 UTC with a deadline of five days later or until everything was sold. All the poison dragons found inside the mystery boxes are part of the exclusive collections of NFTs of Coinary. Each of them can be traded on any secondary market.

About the Poison Dragon

Even though he is the newest of the dragons, he has some astonishing powers. With two abilities and a special characteristic that only the most experienced healers will be able to combat. We tell you what it is.

A white fang dripping with poison, an image that represents the sharp and toxic teeth of the poison dragon

In the sharp teeth of this winged beast is a deadly poison that only few dragons can withstand. When this dragon executes his basic attack, it poisons its enemies, making a percentage of his cunning in damage. And for all of you strategic fighters, placing it in the back row will substantially increase the Poison Dragon’s basic attack.

On the other hand, the islands associates with the 7 original elements. For this reason, the poison dragon will benefit from the properties of the plant island. Due to its affinity with nature, although toxic, it will receive an increase in its innate abilities, so having an island of this element is a considerable benefit, especially for guilds. Remember that owning a piece of land means having a piece of the game as well, becoming a ruler and creator of the islands with all the benefits that this entails.

new and improved poison dragon

Nevertheless, they are the perfect allies for a formidable and fearsome team, not to mention that poison dragons are extremely deadly. If you want to become a true master of Dragons, find everything about Dragonary here.

To wrap things up, one last thought: the biggest benefits of having a Poison Dragon on your team is that they are immune to poison, so keep that in mind before jumping into the Arena.

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