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Welcome Racers! The team inside Coinary's garage is committed, working day and night. We are preparing the meeting place for the most reckless drivers. Now let’s reveal some insights about the Fantasy Racing tracks. Located in the most incredible places you have ever seen.

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We can feel the crowd eager to put their hands on these karts, and only a select group of members of the Guilds in which we deposit our trust has the privilege of doing so. From the beginning, they have seen very close the development of the Fantasy Racing tracks. Moreover, they have been part of the colors selection and the in-game functionality tests, fulfilling a significant role within Coinary® with their feedback. The idea is to launch the game when we feel that it is complete.

This game can change the laws of time-space and make every moment of waiting pass in the blink of an eye. At Coinary, we are building what we believe to be the future, with the vision of the company well ingrained in our games. And although Fantasy Racing is not yet available to the public, we want to show you some of its development.

Earth, Water, and Air Tracks.

All Fantasy Racing tracks are immersed in the islands. Each one represents a different challenge. At Coinary, we are doing our best to achieve a unique circuit. That’s why behind its development and design we have an exclusive art team working non-stop. So that each player is absorbed in the element that each of the tracks represent while driving down through them.

Aerial view of Fantasy Racing Air Track

This last month, everything has radically changed in Fantasy Racing. In the last blog at the Garage, we talked about how not six but twelve players will be competing in each race now. Looking to take first place after completing 3 laps of the track. We also mention the drift improvements for each kart. Now, drivers can take a corner more smoothly thanks to considerable improvements in Kart handling. It’s not easy, there are plenty of physics involved. One thing is for sure, Players will be able to feel, hear and experience each kart’s unique characteristics out on track.

One of the most significant changes implemented is the way we feel the game when playing it. We have adjusted the width of each track. Why? Let’s say that the narrower the streets, the tighter the curves, and the harder it will be to keep the kart under control. It’s a game that the most skillful driver wins.

With these changes, the players have that extra challenge. Creating a bit of discomfort in the driving space. Preventing them sometimes from giving all their throttle to the finish line. Forcing them to avoid the obstacles and not lose control so easily.

Grock driving at full speed. Earth Track

For this very reason, we have brought back the brake. With the new improved speed particles on the screen and the optimized fish eye. Now, drivers will feel the adrenaline at every moment of the game.

Karts are strong enough to hit your rivals. Stay calm, here nobody will punish you for it, we could even encourage you to bump into them. Now you will have the feeling of not being able to take the curve comfortably, making it difficult but challenging. Luckily, karts are super resistant.

In the earth track, drivers should not be afraid to get a little dirty. On this occasion, prepare to cross the aridest lands you have ever seen. On Fantasy Racing, the second track is already working perfectly, although our illustrators continue adding some details. Meanwhile, the beta testers fully enjoy this new experience. Look Frost driving very close to the devastating foot of an angry dragon after the pilots broke into his dwelling!

Earth Track Dragon Crushing a driver.
So, close! He almost makes it 😩

Finally, the third element. This will be a real challenge for those who fear the sea. The last Fantasy Racing track is the water one. Still in middle-stage of development. At Coinary, we dive fearlessly into this web3 experience. Surrounded by waterfalls everywhere, drivers will have to cross this breathtaking tunnel that seems to go through the ocean itself. Giving us a wet experience like no other. It looks like a section of the track is flooded! Drivers better have brought their waterproof suits.

Aerial view of the Water track.

This track feels like you’re sliding down the spine of an ancient dragon. Rolling on his scales, hoping he doesn’t wake up. Most of the dock boards are in place now, although there are spots that still have leaks. I don’t think anyone will come to fix them. So keep your eyes open and stay connected. It’s so easy to slip and lose control.

One of the hardest things when creating a game like this is placing every element properly. In the words of Yohan, Coinary’s CTO from last interview:

The most difficult is the design. To assemble the parts, imagine the game as a city builder and that you must place each piece that will form the city in order to continue improving it.

The selector of each Fantasy Racing Tracks

A crucial stage of the game, the pre-race stage. Where players must decide where to compete and the difficulty. A quick transition screen between the players and the challenge they are about to start. The tracks already have a matching text that identifies them in the selection. But now, each one will have a miniature aerial view to recognize it easily.

Let’s go sneak a peak at the inspiring artwork from Coinary’s illustrators.

Raw Fantasy Racing track miniatures.

Nowadays, on the testing phase, they look like this. Internally, they are already taking shape.

First sketch of the track miniatures.

Those images look great. With all the details on top, but they still need some color. And although it seems easy just saying it, there are many hours of work ahead. And what a challenge! They have to put almost the entire track in such a small square, trying not to overload it too much. Look, they almost have a final result.

Finished artwork of Fantasy Racing track miniatures.

And although they are still in development, it is very close to finishing this and having an entirely different track selection screen.

We have reached the finish line of this post. Do not take your eyes off the goal, we will keep updating our adventure on wheels. Still interested in knowing what’s next step for the gaming industry? Follow us and join the challenge

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