Fantasy Racing Drivers

We come to introduce you to all the Fantasy Racing drivers that you can choose to compete against your rivals. So far, six drivers have appeared in this adventure on wheels. You might already know them from Fantasy Racing Instagram! They are the only ones, brave enough to get behind the wheel. Brave? Maybe we meant to say insane.
Fantasy Racing Drivers

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Reckless, insurgents, pacifists, and loving. But definitely, some maniacs behind the wheel. Racers! Let’s gather around the garage and meet the most daring Fantasy Racing drivers that will risk it all to be the first pilot to cross the finish line.

With a beautiful low-poly style 3D, we at Coinary LTD are working day and night to bring a second deliver to the world of gaming. Before launching Dragonary, the idea of a racing game was already being hatched at Coinary’s headquarters.

This is a game that is marked everywhere by the competitiveness that distinguishes us within Coinary. If you want to know more about the characteristics and mechanics of the game as well as its development, this blog is for you.

Choose one of the Fantasy Racing drivers!

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All fantasy racing pilots have equal opportunities, as they will have to go through the same obstacles and challenges to win the race. No one is favored here at any time. We want a fair race, and that means putting aside road rage. Now straight to the point, are you ready to meet the fantasy racing drivers?

Blaze: The Fire Dragon

The first out of six Fantasy Racing Drivers. With an immense pyromantic power. He is a total blast 🔥. The one and only survivor of the mass extinction event 66 million years ago. He stands out for his power, strength, and speediness. And will set the track on fire after getting in his kart with one simple mission: to achieve extraordinary results.

The pocket rocket, the Dynomite. If we have to mention a hobby, we can say Blaze loves to fly to the highest heavenly heights and plunge into the depths of the sea, leaving wealth and prosperity in his path. He’s a great company for adventures. A word from him:

Heeey how are you? I’m Blaze, the Fire Dragon! We can make a great team together and fill us with new adventures. I’m anxious to play with you in Fantasy Racing. Stick around to learn more about all of us. See you soon! 💥

Get ready to spread the fire with Blaze! The fire dragon of Fantasy Racing. If you are looking for a perfect leader, Blaze is ideal for you.

Frost: The Icy Beast

Breaking news! Some reckless drivers got into the deepest and iciest caves in the north of Dragonarya and disturbed the ice beast that lived inside. Now that he has woken up he joins the ranks of maniacs wanting to put the pedal to metal and smash those drivers that annoyed him. Still, give the ice beast of Fantasy Racing a not-so-warm welcome. The cold hands: Frost!!! ❄️

Frost in True Ice from Dragonarya. He has no feelings and competes without compassion. With a true heart of ice. A cold-blood beast. It’s better not to be his enemy. Now he broke free and now hops about a changed world. He lives alone on the top of the mountain in an ice palace. Sleeping all day long and during the night he goes out to explore and eat anything he found. Before the race, he approached and told us:

Don’t make me waste my time. I’m going to be fast. I’m Frost, the ice beast of Fantasy Racing. Not only that, but I hate everyone. My mission is to win any race. If you want to know something more about me, search for it. Goodbye.

We still don’t know why he is so bad. We have to admit, we are afraid of him. If you pick Frost for the race, you would surely win, but be careful… don’t freeze!

Grock: The Orc

Besides Frost, we have a special presentation. Greener than a bean, everything he eats is organic. Green Juice’s biggest fan. Hard on the outside and a real teddy bear on the inside. For you: the one and only, the unique, the stubborn: GROOOOOCK!!! 👏🏻👏🏻🤩

What a way to make an entrance! Grock is very friendly and cool even when he smells terrible (he hates taking baths🤐). Undoubtedly, a fierce driver to beat. And he wanted you to know this:

Hi, I’m Grock the Orc. I hate to introduce myself, but the CM forced me to do it. I’m the stronger and smarter racer of Fantasy Racing. That’s all for today. I’m tired, the bed is waiting for me. Bye.

While some might consider him an unnatural beast, and at worst dangerous, he is just misunderstood. But don’t get this wrong, he can erupt into a toddler’s outrage in an instant, hitting everyone who tries to get in his way. Grock is very intelligent and strong. If you chose him as your pilot, you will probably win!

Noi: The Air Muse

The most spiritual and peaceful of all pilots of Fantasy Racing. A headstrong, spirited young woman. You will feel relaxed and motivated with her. She is a magical outlier, her natural affinity with the wind has granted her the power to bend the air to her will. That’s why she earns the title of the muse of Air. Dotted with magical abilities, she would never raise a red flag. We went to the sacred temple to talk to her:

Wait a minute, I’m finishing my meditation. Ready. My name is Noi. Nice to meet you! I’m the most peaceful but competitive driver of Fantasy Racing. I want to introduce everyone to my relaxed universe. Would you like it?

When it’s time to race… get prepared to feel her competitiveness. Her mental powers will help you to get the victory. Noi positivity is the key to win every race. So if you consider yourself a mystical person, Noi is the perfect pilot for your NFT kart.

Ps: Do you want to know the best part of this history? She exists in real life, and we love her.

Zapp: The Electric Snake ⚡️

Be careful with Zapp! He will be friendly only to take advantage. He has the ability to be everywhere, listening and watching what’s happening. You can love him or hate him, it depends on your personality. Delighted by danger, aka the bump and run, the frontrunner, the shocking one. Always looking for someone to play with. He wanted to make a quick statement:

Hello, I’m Zapp the Ssssnake. Don’t believe what people sssay about me. They are jealoussss of my abilitiessss. I’m very friendly, and I would take you to victory. That’ssss the only thing that mattersss. Let’ss sstay in touch and plan our next move. 🐍

Some people say he is tricky, but we think he is smart. He will do whatever he needs to take the victory. Give him the chance to race with you. He knows how to win!

Elon: The Lucky Elf

The legend says there was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and inside we’ve found one of the magical creatures of Dragonarya! The last but not least driver in our agenda. Racing with Organic Fuel. One of the most iconic video game characters of Fantasy racing and Coinary itself. He does more than make shoes and brogues. The last elf from a long-lost tribe who survived the Darkwing malevolent claws. Coinary’s Leprechaun. Give it a giant applause to Elon. 🍀

Elon is someone special inside Coinary. He was introduced by Edu. Elon was brought as a gift to him but on CoinaryTV, the elf did and almost magically appearance. The way he was represented in the videos; sometimes he moved physically, and it was found in some funny pose, but always keeping a charming mystique made possible a unique and special bond with our community. He came here and wants to say hello to you:

Hi everybody! How are you? My name is Elon! Maybe some of you already know me. If not, allow me to introduce myself. I’m the lucky elf of Coinary. I was trying to help in the defeat of Darkwing, but something happened in the middle… Either way, let’s win together!

He managed to keep his personality and desires. It must be because of his enormous heart. If you are seeking a driver who always brings good luck and fortune, Elon must be your choice. He will stand up for you, no matter what. 💓

We have come to the end of a new blog. Now you know the drivers of Fantasy Racing. It is in your hands to choose the best driver, the one who will represent you in the races to come. Remember, whatever happens, you are a winner. Now it’s time to swap spit and hit the road.

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