Myria migration: All you need to know about Dragonary NFTs and the migration to Myria ecosystem

Ready to level up your Dragonary experience? Migrate your NFTs to Myria and uncover the future of gaming, with fast, secure transactions and exciting new features.

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When it comes to the exciting world of blockchain gaming, adaptability is key. In this era of swift technological advancements, changes are not just inevitable, they are necessary for growth and improved user experiences. Today, we’re exploring a significant transition in the Dragonary universe – How to migrate your Dragonary NFTs from the CoinaryHUB to Myria. This migration is not merely a change of platforms but represents a major leap towards a more secure, flexible, and user-friendly gaming environment for Dragonary enthusiasts worldwide.

Understanding the Dragonary Ecosystem

Dragonary, a name that has quickly gained recognition among blockchain gaming enthusiasts, provides a unique gaming experience where players can raise their own dragons, engage in exhilarating quests, and trade unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These NFTs are far from ordinary game assets; each NFT represents a unique entity, such as a particular dragon, within the game. This uniqueness, coupled with the fact that these assets are backed by blockchain technology, gives them real-world value. CoinaryHUB has been the platform where players could trade and manage these precious NFTs. However, to enhance security and introduce improved features, a shift towards a more advanced platform, Myria, has been initiated.

What is Myria?

Myria is not just another platform in the blockchain gaming realm. It is a forward-thinking solution designed to revolutionize the way Dragonary players handle their NFTs. It’s more than a marketplace; Myria is an innovative asset management platform within the Dragonary universe. It offers an array of enhanced features and a more secure environment for your valuable game assets.

A crucial factor to note about Myria is that it’s based on Stark Net, a highly secure and scalable Layer-2 solution. Stark Net underpins the system’s ability to handle complex operations smoothly and securely, ensuring that users can transact and interact with greater confidence and peace of mind.

Myria is built on the principles of security, efficiency, and ease of use. One of the key features of Myria is the implementation of Stark Keys. Stark Keys are a type of public key defined over a Stark-friendly elliptic curve. They represent a unique identifier for users within the Myria ecosystem, offering an added layer of security to your transactions.

Why Migrate your NFTs from the Hub to Myria?

You may be wondering why this migration is necessary and what benefits it brings to you as a player. This move to Myria is primarily designed to enhance the overall user experience within the Dragonary universe, providing a more secure, efficient, and robust platform for your NFT transactions.

Security is paramount when dealing with digital assets like NFTs. Myria implements a higher level of security through Stark Keys, unique identifiers that offer an added layer of protection for your assets. The Ethereum private key remains in control of your account’s funds, but within the Layer-2 (L2) system, authentication is handled by your account’s Stark Key.

The Migration Path: How the Process Will Unfold

Transitioning from the Hub to Myria has been planned with great care to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process for all players. It’s not an overnight event but a well-structured phase that takes into account the need to maintain a seamless gaming experience.

To kick-start the process, players will be able to link their Myria wallets directly from the Hub. There’s no need to visit or go through a separate registration process. The link-up from the Hub ensures that your account is instantly associated with Myria, all set and ready to go.

Once a significant number of players have linked their wallets and we’ve distributed 25% of the NFTs, the next phase begins. At this point, we’ll activate Myria-based NFTs within Dragonary after we migrate. This means you’ll have a broader range of assets at your disposal, adding depth and variety to your gaming experience.

As the migration progresses and we’ve distributed over 50% of the NFTs, the trading market on the Coinary Hub will be phased out. From then on, all NFT trades will take place exclusively on Myria, paving the way for a streamlined, user-friendly trading experience.

What Players Should Do to Migrate Their NFTs

Migrating your NFTs from the Hub to Myria is a straightforward process, designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Here’s a simple guide to help you through this transition:

  1. Link Your Myria Wallet to the Hub: Start by connecting your Myria wallet to the Hub. There’s no need to register at Simply link your wallet from the Hub, and your account will be associated with Myria, all set for the upcoming changes.
  2. Wait for NFT Distribution: After linking your wallet, the next step is to wait for the NFT distribution to start. The Dragonary team will handle this process. Once distribution begins, your NFTs will gradually be moved to Myria.
  3. Monitor the Progress: Keep an eye on the distribution progress. As mentioned before, after 25% of the NFTs are distributed, Dragonary and Myria NFTs will be activated. When the distribution exceeds 50%, the market in Coinary Hub will cease, and NFT trading will be exclusively on Myria.
  4. Manage NFTs as You Prefer: Once the NFTs are on Myria and Ethereum, you’ll have the option to manage them either on Layer-1 (L1) or Layer-2 (L2), whichever you prefer.

Playing On: Can You Still Play If You Don’t Migrate Your NFTs to Myria?

What happens if you choose not to migrate your NFTs to Myria? Will you be able to continue playing Dragonary?

The simple answer is yes, absolutely. Coinary is committed to maintaining support for current NFTs, so you can continue playing, regardless of whether or not you choose to migrate your NFTs to Myria from Dragonary.

While migration comes with many benefits, we understand the decision may take time. There’s no immediate deadline to eliminate support for current NFTs. So, you can take your time to understand the advantages of Myria, watch the process unfold, and make a decision when you’re ready.

It’s important to note that migration won’t affect the essence of your game. Whether you’re battling creatures or exploring new territories, your Dragonary experience remains as thrilling and immersive as ever.

Embracing Change: The Future of Dragonary with Myria

Dragonary’s collaboration with Myria represents an exciting new chapter in the game’s evolution, offering an enhanced gaming experience while also streamlining the trading of NFTs.

As the migration progresses, players will enjoy a more seamless gaming and trading experience, with Myria’s advanced blockchain technology offering a fast, secure, and efficient platform for NFT transactions.

For those who prefer operating in Layer 1 or Layer 2, Myria’s integration with Dragonary means you’ll be able to withdraw your Dragons to the Ethereum Network. This gives you greater flexibility and control over your assets, while still being part of the Dragonary universe.

Furthermore, the migration to Myria also promises a future of growth and expansion. With Myria’s robust technology, Dragonary will be able to introduce new features and functionalities, opening up new frontiers in the gaming world.

In essence, Dragonary the migration to Myria isn’t just about shifting assets; it’s about embracing a future where gaming and blockchain technology coalesce into an experience that’s engaging, rewarding, and constantly evolving.

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