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Welcome to the colorful, fantastical universe of Clash of Pets: Sweety Match! In this thrilling Match 3 Game, pets are more than just your loyal companions; they are your allies, your game-changers. Each pet brings to the table its own set of skills, abilities, and that special something, transforming the gaming landscape with its unique presence. Among the many exciting features of this immersive game, one aspect that stands out is the intricate yet intuitive pet leveling system.

This concept, designed to provide a robust gaming experience, allows you to tap into your pets’ unexplored potential and unlock their latent abilities. The pet leveling system adds an extra layer of strategic planning to the game, making it a perfect blend of fun and intellect.

Understanding the Pet Leveling System

Peeling back the layers of the pet leveling system reveals a system that’s as intriguing as it’s effective.

At its core, the pet leveling system in Clash of Pets: Sweety Match centers around enhancing the capabilities of your pets through leveling up.

So how does this system work? It’s simple, let’s look at this table!

Pet LevelMultiplier% of Change

Your pets can level up by using Pet Cards that are specific to them. For example, if you aim to level up Spike, you’ll need to collect and use Spike cards. The clever use of these cards forms the bedrock of the leveling process, adding an extra dimension of strategy to the game. Great, right?

As you level up your pet, its ranked points modifier improves, increasing by 0.1 (10%) for each level. This system of progression begins at 1.1 at level 1, gradually intensifying to reach a peak of 2.5 at level 25. This dynamic progression system ensures that the more you level up your pets, the more you chances you get to success in the game.

However, leveling up your pets is not a free ride. It requires an investment of pet-specific cards, PP, and PAW. But don’t let this deter you. The investment is worth the outcome, as the higher your pets’ levels, the stronger their abilities and the more competitive edge you gain in the Clash of Pets: Sweety Match universe.

Trainer Level and its Role in Pet Leveling

Every master pet trainer knows the importance of keeping up with their pets. In the Clash of Pets: Sweety Match universe, your standing as a trainer is just as essential as the pets you collect. This standing, better known as your Trainer Level, is a critical component of the pet leveling system.

The Trainer Level, distinct from your account level, is the sum of all your pets’ levels. It serves an integral role as it determines the maximum level your pets can reach. Therefore, enhancing your Trainer Level allows you to raise the power ceiling for each of your pets, unlocking new possibilities for strategy and gameplay.

A useful guideline in this progression journey is the Trainer Level chart you’ll find bellow. For instance, if your Trainer Level is 1, the maximum level your pet can reach is 5. However, as your Trainer Level increases, say to 28, one of your pets can level up to 10 while the others can reach level 9. The higher your Trainer Level, the more leveled pets you can possess.

Below is a chart depicting the relationship between your Trainer Level, the maximum pet level, and the number of pets:

Trainer LVLMax Pet LVLQuantity of PETS
1-851 PET
9102 PETs
28153 PETs
57204 PETs
96255 PETs

Effective Strategies for Leveling Up Your Pets

Rising through the ranks in Clash of Pets: Sweety Match is no small feat. It requires strategic thinking, a thorough understanding of game mechanics, and a keen eye for opportunities to level up your pets. Here are a few tips that might come in handy:

  1. Card Usage: Prioritize using Cards that match the pet you aim to level up. It’s the most direct method to boost your pet’s level.
  2. Manage Pet MOOD: The Mood of your pets significantly influences their performance in battles. Regularly check on your pets’ Mood, as it tends to decrease over time. Use the necessary resources to keep their Mood boosted, ensuring they perform at their best.
  3. Maintain a Good Trainer Level: As your Trainer Level directly affects the maximum level your pets can achieve, focus on improving it. Leveling up multiple pets can help you raise your Trainer Level faster.

Getting Pet Cards: A Key to Pet Leveling

Pet cards form the core of the pet leveling system in Clash of Pets: Sweety Match. Acquiring more pet cards accelerates your pet leveling journey and opens up new avenues for growth.

There are several ways to obtain pet cards:

  1. PVP Chests: Wining a chest when through the hard earned battles in the Leagues of Clash of Pets when participating in PVP matches offers a 30% chance of earning pet cards in chests. Engaging in more matches increases your odds of collecting valuable cards.
  2. In-Game Store: The in-game store provides daily opportunities to purchase pet cards using PP or gems. You can also purchase a weekly pack that contains five identical cards.

With these strategies, a free-to-play user can acquire 2-3 cards per day, while a paying user can gather 4-5 cards daily. This steady acquisition of pet cards can significantly fuel your journey in leveling up your pets, improving your overall Clash of Pets: Sweety Match experience.

The Impact of Mood on Pet Performance

The pets in Clash of Pets: Sweety Match aren’t just static game pieces—they’re dynamic characters with Moods that directly affect their performance. The Mood of a pet gradually decays over time by 2% per hour, adding an exciting element of management to the game. But it’s not all doom and gloom; there are methods to manage and improve your pets’ Moods effectively.

One should remember that Moods plays a crucial role, especially in PVP matches. When the Mood of a pet decreases, a penalty is applied to the score gained in PVP. The extent of the penalty depends on the pet’s current Mood:

  • 100-76% Mood: No penalty
  • 75-51% Mood: -10% penalty
  • 50-26% Mood: -20% penalty
  • 25-1% Mood: -30% penalty
  • 0% Mood: -50% penalty

Maintaining a good Mood for your pets not only enhances their performance but also maximizes the rewards you’ll receive. Thus, effectively managing your pets’ Mood is an integral part of your Clash of Pets strategy.

Rewards, Bonuses, and the Battle Pass System

The thrill of Clash of Pets: Sweety Match doesn’t just come from leveling up your pets and winning battles—it’s also about the rewards, bonuses, and the all-important Battle Pass system.

In fact, the game rewards system is designed to encourage regular play and progress. By taking part in daily missions, PVP battles, and PVE matches, you can earn valuable rewards that will aid in leveling up your pets. Also just by playing you’ll be part of the exclusive free2earn game model, brought by Coinary Ltd and in clash of pets you will be earning real crypto rewards.

The Battle Pass system takes the rewards to another level. Each Battle Pass level requires 350 Battle Pass EXP, and completing daily missions provides 100 Battle Pass EXP. The more you play and complete these missions, the more rewards you earn, making the Battle Pass an effective method to accelerate pet leveling.

The Battle Pass comes in two variants—normal and premium. With the premium Battle Pass, you can gain up to four additional pet cards, whereas the normal Battle Pass yields one pet card. So, whether you’re a free-to-play or a paying user, the Battle Pass offers an exciting opportunity to enhance your pet leveling strategy and experience the full richness of Clash of Pets: Sweety Match.

Daily Missions: An Opportunity for Progress

Daily missions in Clash of Pets: Sweety Match offer an ideal pathway to progress steadily in the game while reaping rewards that assist in pet leveling. The game provides five daily missions: one fixed mission requiring the viewing of two ads, another fixed mission demanding the victory in five matches in a PVP mode different from the ranked, and three random missions from a pool.

Each completed daily mission offers 100 Battle Pass EXP as a reward. This means with the completion of all daily missions, you could earn up to 500 Battle Pass EXP, a substantial boost to level up your Battle Pass. Not only does this assist in pet leveling, but it also offers a sense of progression, accomplishment, and constant engagement with the game, making the daily missions an essential part of the Clash of Pets experience.

Mastering Pet Leveling for the Ultimate Clash of Pets Experience

Pet leveling in Clash of Pets: Sweety Match is a multi-faceted strategy game feature that goes beyond simply enhancing pet abilities. It involves understanding the integral role of Pet Cards, Mood, Trainer Level, and the effective utilization of the game’s reward systems, including the Battle Pass and daily missions.

Successfully mastering pet leveling can drastically enhance the player experience, taking you from being a novice pet trainer to becoming a seasoned veteran in the Clash of Pets arena. This journey is filled with rewarding progress, strategic thinking, and delightful interactions with your pets.

Lastly, it’s not just about having the highest level pet; it’s about nurturing the growth of your pet team, managing resources efficiently, and strategically navigating the game systems. So dive in, start leveling your pets, and embark on this exciting journey playing the most competitive match-3 game – Clash of Pets: Sweety Match!

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